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I’m a lovely photo (1)

A veces la Señorita I. y yo coleccionamos tantas fotos bonitas que luego nunca sabemos dónde colocarlas o cómo confeccionar un post entero basado en una fotografía, pero… ¿y si fuera un post con muchas de esas fotografías?
Sometimes Miss I. and I love to collect so many lovely photos but then we don’t know what to do with them because it’s difficult to create one post based on just one lovely photo but… what about a post with a lot of these lovely photos higgledy-piggledy?

Entonces saldría algo como esto.
So, this is the result.

Lovely Natalie and Funny Gyllenhaal (this is probably “the easiest” last name ever created).

Natalie Portman Jake

I’ve always loved this editorial.


Heath being father.


Another couple that should be together… 


My teenage love (ok, he will always be “my love”)


The perfect way to eat and ice-cream in summer by Mia Farrow (I need sun!)

The funniest way to eat an orange by Grace Kelly (I’m sure that this was before being Princess)


And the loveliest way to not be Marilyn Monroe (because she always was Norma Jeane Mortenson)


And… do you know when and where the love for mustaches started?
With Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey on the set of Romeo and Juliet (in 1968)…


And, of course, with Sophia (Spaghetti) Loren.


And lastly… how cool it could be that Alain Delon was your boyfriend and lights your cigarettes in a boat?


Written by: Clara
Song for today’s post: Dido – No Freedom

Fotos: Pinterest



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