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10 things I like about (the f***ing and awesome) Veronica Mars

1. Kristel Bell, of course. She is soooo lovely. 2. A long time ago we used to be friends. 3. The cool relationship between father and daughter. (I love you … Sigue leyendo

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10 things I like (and I’m going to miss) about “Gossip Girl”

1. La voz de (mi amada) Kristen Bell (o Verónica Mars, como gusten) Kristen Bell’s voice 2. Las (ingeniosas) frases de Blair (bitch) Waldorf Blair Waldorf quotes 3. Repetir “la … Sigue leyendo

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10 things I like about “The OC”

1. Marissa Cooper. Best Drama Queen ever. 2. The entire OST (you can listen my playlist on Spotify) The OC 3. The fact that Summer and Seth were a couple … Sigue leyendo

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